Kamdre Entertainment is pleased to introduce you J.B.M.

Devontae "TBT" Lewis, 17,  and Joshua "Jay-Doe" Gentry, 16, make up the rap duo J.B.M. (Just 'Bout Money). The duo is from Chicago and met while in middle school. There, they discovered they had something in common...music! They both love to produce and write music. As they matured so did they're music and drive to be in the music business.

J.B.M. has opened for such artists as Twista & Crucial Conflict. They have also recieved rave reviews from audiences for their high energy perfomances. 

J.B.M.'s music is versatile and very unique. Some of their musical influences are Meek Millz, Wale and Lil B. 

J.B.M. has a major buzz in the streets with their new song "Snapback With A Backpack". They are set to shoot a video for the song and officially release it as a single.