About Us


                    KamDre Entertainment Takes On The New Music Biz


KamDre Entertainment (http://www.kamdre.fourfour.com) is an artist management company and a record label based in Chicago. The company was started by co-founders Kamal Sharif and Andre Jackson in the summer of 2011. Kamal and Andre are not only business owners, but they also have been on the artist side of the business. Kamal is an accomplished producer, songwriter and rapper. Andre is a singer and he has toured with his friend r&b legend R. Kelly. Kamal and Andre both were members of now defunct r&b boy band Another Choice.


KamDre Entertainment has put together a team of young, exciting and talented artists. Their roster includes The Truth (rap artist), J.B.M. (rap duo), Izzy (rap artist), Bryson (r&b artist), Beat Monster (Producer, Graphics design), Young Mooke (Producer, Graphics Design), and Suave Flake (Rap Artist). The company is also expanding into the land of gaming with the development of “Black Steel”, a first person shooter video game created by Derrick “Beat Monster” Thompson.


KamDre Entertainment is currently preparing for the release of the full length album from their artist The Truth, sometime later this year. Singles by The Truth and Bryson are currently available on iTunes and CD Baby.